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Comprehensive Beginner & Intermediate Mat Course

Mat_Course_detailsThe mat program is 50 hours

The mat program is designed for each participant to walk away with the ability to teach the Pilates mat exercises.  Participants will learn a total of 28 exercises during 32 hours of in classroom instruction broken up into two sections.  You will learn how to teach each exercise to a first time client, a beginner level client, an intermediate level client and how to modify each exercise.

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Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Level 1

Level_1_Comp_detailsThis program is 225 hours.

This program is designed to give teachers a firm foundation and understanding of the classical Pilates technique.   Each participant will be able to give an informed and thoughtful workout to clients up to an Intermediate level.   Teachers will learn how to give an appropriate class for healthy individuals as well as those recovering from injuries and chronic ailments to help them improve their overall strength and well being.

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Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Level 2

Level_2_Comp_detailsThis program is 225 hours.

Once completed participants will have a total of 500 hours and eligible to sit for the PMA exam.

Prequisites for this course are completion of Level 1. Participants will learn how teach to the classical Pilates vocabulary to participants of all levels up through Advanced system as well as teaching clients at different levels.

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Our Teachers Forum Workshop on September 28, 2016

Tower Class

Wunda Chair Review, Variations & Class formula

The goal of the 2 1/2 workshop is to learn how to utilize the chair for more than 4-5 exercises in a workout. Whether you want to spend 20 minutes or up to 60 minutes with supportive and challenging exercises for your clients, Juliet will give you options for formulating a workout.